What I got for Christmas 2016

Christmas was about a week ago. I’m a sucker for this holiday! You can read my old post on why I love Christmas on Christmas and Me. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas because they’re Buddhist. I am Christian but not active. I still believe in God but I don’t believe in going to Church. Well, that’s another long story. Apart from giving and receiving presents, I love the Hallmark’s Christmas movies. I’ve been watching it every year in the last few years. And hopefully one day, I’ll get to go to the country that celebrates Christmas. It would be an amazing experience! Anyway, I would like to write about what I got for Christmas because I want to keep this as a journal and what my boyfriend got me blew my mind!

Early in December, I attended company’s Christmas party and we did the gift swapping with a budget of 1,000+ baht. Before the party started in the evening, I started it off with giving my colleagues a present and donuts! I got them the Plus Natural Young Coconut Lip Balm from Cute Press. I’m using this product and I’m loving it! The HR team got everyone in the company a hat with their nicknames on it. To be honest, I hate my hat’s colors. I don’t like pink! haha For the gift swapping, I got a SONY 5,000mAH power bank. Even though it’s my 4th power bank I still like what I got. I bought mini candles from Bath & Body Works and the person who got it said he (and his wife) loves it (that’s a relieve).

I have a 3FT. Christmas tree that I put it up in my room during Christmas in the last few years. And this year I brought it to my boyfriend’s place. We decorated it together early in December and he wanted to keep the tradition going by putting our presents under the tree and open it on Christmas day. It was my first time doing this and definitely way too excited. After we bought our presents, I keep telling my boyfriend “It’s Christmas!” every day hoping he will allow me to open the present early. LOL

My boyfriend gave me 3 sets of presents. I didn’t expect this many. He gave me awesome birthday presents back in August and I am so grateful for it. The first Christmas present was the UNIQLO Blocktech Parka that I fell love at first sight with. It was way too expensive for me, I actually wrote a blog about it on why I wouldn’t buy it even though I can on How much is too much? I appreciated it so much as the jacket I’m using is very old and it’s falling apart. Since Bangkok isn’t that cold in winter time, I’m looking forward to using this jacket during my Chiang Mai trip in a week!

The second presents are something that I need. The only computer I’m using now is the Microsoft Surface. It is a work tablet I got from the company. This tablet has only one USB port and my mouse at home is broken. So my boyfriend got me USB extension and the mouse! I’m so happy that I don’t have to pull the mouse in and out from the dock at work all the time. He also got me Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist and Fragrance Lotion. I used to use this smell years ago and it appears to be the smell that he likes. I do need some lotion as it’s winter time and my skin is getting dry.

Third presents blew my mind! I was in shocked for a few seconds when I opened the box. I’ve been dying to know what’s in this box. I tried to think of what he could possibly get me as he said I was the one who gave him the idea. And it appeared to be something I never expect! And then I remember. I sent him a photo of sample products I bought to try out. I told him that I wouldn’t buy the actual size of these products as these are very expensive. I only use drugstore cosmetics. I think it’s good enough for me plus, I don’t have to blow my wallet! I got Laneige Time Freeze Essense, Laneige Time Freeze Eye Serum, and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. I love all the presents he got me so much! I’ve been using these products for a week and I can feel my face skin is feeling nicer!

Apart from dying to know what my boyfriend got me. I was also dying to tell/show my boyfriend what I got him! This Orient classic looking watch looks gorgeous. I know he loves watches and he wanted something blue with a black band. It was quite hard to find as most of the blue face comes with a brown band but mission accomplished! It felt great to see how happy he is when he opened the box.

That’s everything I got for Christmas 2016. Feel free to let me know what you got for Christmas 2016 or if you’ve been using one of these products and like/hate it. I’m looking forward to Christmas 2017 already!

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