Try it, Feel it, Love it with Ricola.

Vegetables and herbs aren’t my friends. Yes, I think herbs taste as bad as vegetables! A few weeks ago, I got invited to join a Ricola Influencer Event in Bangkok. Ricola is a Swiss herb candy brand. I think I’ll try their product before I made my decision to join the event or not. I never thought I would end up buying it, but I did! Once I confirmed, the brand sent me a gorgeous box full of Ricola candies in 4 other flavors for me to try. Thank you!!!

I have to admit, it doesn’t taste bad at all considering there are 13 types of herbs (natural ingredients) in each candy. The first few times my mouth could taste something bitter, but then I got used to the taste. Now I use it as a breath mint and for soothing the mouth and throat since it’s cheaper than the brand I used to buy. It’s also made by natural farming methods without chemical pesticides.

The Ricola Influencer Event was held on the rooftop of Hotel Muse in Bangkok, Thailand. They decorated the place to appear as a Swiss style cocktail party. There were food, drinks and a lovely Swiss man playing instruments and singing throughout the event. I had a nice chat with Celeste, the Country Manager of Southeast Asia from Ricola, and a few of her colleagues. They suggested melting the Original Herb flavor in hot water in order to turn it into an herbal drink. This was quite interesting to learn and I might give it a try one day when the need arises. They also served Ricola herbal tea for everyone. Learning that all Ricola products are made in Switzerland and are exported to other countries was pretty cool to me. You usually see an advertised product from one country, but it was made in another country (you know what I mean, right?). Apart from getting to know many influencers from Thailand, Singapore, and other countries, there were some games being played for prizes, too.

Ricola has been around since 1930, so I’m sure you’ve heard the commercials where a man’s voice is singing, “Riiii…co….laaaaa.” If you’ve tried it, let me know which flavor is your favorite! For more information, please visit the Thai website or buy some of their products at 7-Eleven, Tesco or Family Mart.


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