Thirty and Thriving!

Whew! I had such a busy months with work and relationship. It kind of hard to try to balance everything at the same time. I think I’m getting better at it now and thought I’d come back to write more often.

I turned 30 years old last month (such a great birthday). My boyfriend gave me the awesome presents. Well, that’s another story to tell or maybe not. Haha Anyway, getting into the 30’s scared me a little. I’m in a great relationship and I still working freelance. That’s why I don’t feel anything because I’m quite happy with my life.

There is a movie called “13 going on 30” that I watched when I was around 18 years old. It’s one of my all time favorite. The main character, Jenna wants to be 30 years old because her life as a 13 years old sucks. I won’t spoil anything in case you’ve never seen it. Back at that time, I wish I’m successful when I’m 30 years old. I’m working on it. I’m studying in University to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism. And after a year, I’m surprised that I still survive working freelancing. It’s quite an accomplishment.

I took this selfie on my birthday to remind myself that this is how I look when I just turned 30 years old.

Being in a great relationship now is something I never thought would happen this year. I’ve been working full-time for almost 10 years. Always considered me as a lucky in games (of work) and not lucky in love person. Well, things changed (finally!).

I’m excited to see what else will happen to me in my 30’s. We’ll see!


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