Thai people VS Decision

Have you ever had to wait for your friend to make a decision to go somewhere or do something together? ALL. THE. TIME.

Many times I asked my friends to go somewhere or do something, the answer I got was “unsure”. I think people are afraid something better came along and they will miss it. Or they are waiting for someone to make a decision then we’re waiting and the others are waiting. The shit keep going and going! Me and my high school friends have been planning to go on a trip for years but never happen because no one make a decision. Either they said “I can’t get a day off on xxx.” or “I might not be free.” GEEZ! There is nothing wrong about saying “No” to people. When I was younger, I always rely to my friends on what they want to do. Of course, I missed out on things I would enjoy.

I still do not understand why is it so hard to make a decision. There is no need to be “kreng jai” if you don’t want to do the thing your friend asked you to. For me, “yes” or “no” are the only answer I want to know when I ask someone to do something. If my friend ever said “maybe” or “I’m not sure”, I’ll take it as a no because I will not waste my time waiting for them. I would rather do the thing I want to do than wait and in the end my friend says “no” after waiting for a while….what the heck!

This shit happened to me way too many times so apparently I stopped asking people to do things with me. I always go to the movie by myself or even so many “Me, Myself & I” trip. Some people kind of freak out when I tell them I went to see a movie alone. Well, nothing wrong with that! If I keep waiting, I’ll never get to do the thing I want and enjoy it!

Seriously people…you need to start making decisions. There are always right and wrong decisions, but as least you will learn something from it. If you made the right one, you might found yourself new hobbies. If it’s the wrong one, you know you hate the thing you just did!

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