Swipe right, Tinder men in Bangkok

A girl met a nice guy on Tinder app and they got into a serious relationship. OK! I was curious!!! I joined Tinder in April. I was on there for a few months and I did an experiment on it for a week. Swipe right means you like the person….Swipe left means you don’t like the person….right….left….right….I find this app is quite shallow as some people just don’t good on photos and some might edit their photos to make them looks good.

Let’s start with my real account, here’s what happened:
I got quite many matches, BUT I don’t really get to talk to many men on there as they seem to be so “quiet”. I found most of my matches aren’t living in Bangkok, they’re tourists or was in Bangkok previously and the app still showed them as they’re in the area where I am. Since no one starts a conversation, I did and only a few of them replied back for a very short conversation and never talk again or the conversation went super boring. When I was swiping, I don’t know about women’s accounts but for men they seems to have the same type of photos such as photos of them drinking, partying, skydiving, diving, half naked on the beach or photo with a group of their friends (which I have to guess which one he is?!).

NOW, let’s talk about my experiment….
I figured from my real account that most guys aren’t talking so I created another a fake account, I know it’s not a good thing to do, but I was really curious if anyone will talk. I used a photo of me in bikini BUT only show the boobs part and no face photo. I didn’t swipe right on all the men though, but I got quite much more matches compares to my real account. And guess what? My matches said hi and tried to talk to me even men who matched my real account and never talk back did talk to me on my fake account. GO FIGURE!!! Some men admitted they swiped right on every woman to see who swiped right on them. I also discovered that there are:

1. Married men who said they’re looking for “JUST FRIENDS” someone who they can talk to and meet sometimes. Uh….You live here, work here and especially MARRIED, don’t you have a social life? Why do you have to find girls online to talk to?! If I have a husband, I wouldn’t go online looking for men to talk to!

2. Men who are in a relationship who are looking for women to sleep with. They said their girlfriends are ok with this bla bla bla, year right! I feel so bad for your girlfriends!

3. Men who want a serious relationship. Ok, I can’t really blame them if they want to sleep with me because I was using boobs photo.

4. Random horny men. They could be tourists, businessmen who travel here often or men who live here.

I was using my fake account for a few days and deleted it without keeping in touch with any men as they are either annoying or disgusting. hahaha

I stopped using Tinder for a few months as I don’t see the point of being on there. I got bored after a few weeks and I was there only when I was bored and just want to look at cute men. I don’t want to judge men by this but clearly; women cannot expect anything serious on Tinder or dating sites. There are good and bad men everywhere so it’s your fate if or when you will meet a man who’s decent enough. And if a woman is reading this, please don’t think the man you’re talking to or going out with is “the one” until he shows you that he is and deserves your best. What’s the point of giving him what he wants easily, he has to earn it. Be a high-value woman!

Swipe……RIGHT! 😉

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