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In 2013, I ran into a video blog of this one guy on YouTube. It’s about dating tips and such. I keep watching his videos on his YouTube channel. After I’ve been single for 6 years, I was kind of curious what this guy has to offer.

So the first step, I bought his book called “Get The Guy” and read it. Then I found out there were so many things that I did wrong trying to keep a guy in my life. Instead of trying to keep them, I was the one pushing them further away! That’s when I decided to get access to his Get The Guy online program as I want to know more.

I’ve had experiences going out with white men in Bangkok and I know how they are. After reading GTG book and watching the online videos, I suddenly understand why the guys did this and that when we were going out. I started to learn how to read men’s body languages and read the guy on what he wants by the way he was talking to me online before we decide to meet in person. I’ve got many guys telling me that they feel intimidated by me. I got into 2 shorts relationship (3 months and 2 months) in the last 2 years. Basically, the first guy was still young and didn’t want anything serious. While the second guy kind of freak out because things were going way too well. Of course, because I’m not a typical girl who tries to stop him from being himself. There is one phase that my coach keep saying which is “Don’t give him anything to rebel against.” that’s why me and the guys I went out with never had argument. Well, I guess when a guy doesn’t ready to commit, they broke things off out of the blue!

I was talking about using dating coach thing on my twitter account and someone got curious about this. I’ve been watching other people’s videos, but there is only one person that I feel like he’s good and he’s giving me what I need. His name is “Matthew Hussey“. He’s a motivation speaker. He isn’t just giving dating advice to women but also advice about how we can interact with people in our lives. Not just Matthew that is working on this, his brother, Stephen Hussey is also co-written the book “Get The Guy”. Well, I’m not saying everything they say can apply to all guys and all situations, it’s just an idea on how men’s mind is in general.

Well, feel free to check out his YouTube channel and Facebook page or follow him on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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