Speaking of “Dating sites” in Thailand

As much as people/friends see me as an innocent girl because of my looks doesn’t mean I am one. Last time, I was writing about where I got dating tips from, this time I’ll be writing about dating sites in Thailand as I have experiences for almost a decade.

The first dating site I joined was thailandfriends.com, I was 18 (yup, legal and ready to get crazy!), I’m only attracted to white men (I’ll write a blog about why later) and I don’t drink or go out at night so I thought dating site would be a place where I can get in touch with men. I’ve met men from the site and after 2 years of being a member, I decided to join their events. I’ve been to many events for a few years until the owner sold the site. At those events, I’ve met the owner and groups of people who I’m still friends with now.

After around 6 years on dating sites, chatting and meeting men, I got busy with new job and I had to travel every month so it wasn’t a good time to keep in touch with any men. 3 years later after I quitted Tour Leader job, I got back on dating sites, I found things weren’t the same. I found men are more boring and most of them are just looking for sex. Well, maybe I was okay with it because when I was younger; I had that fun time of life. So when men tried to chat with me they become boring; they just want to talk dirty instead of having a good conversation. I have nothing against dirty talk, but I would rather do it with my boyfriend/husband than random men I never met or not my partner.

As mentioned in my blog about men on Tinder, I did the same experiment with one dating site by upload a photo of me in a bikini and guess what? My profile got hit on 10x more than when I use a normal photo of me. YAY! LOL And with another website, there are way too many “old” men visited my profile. 90% of them are as old as my dad or older than my dad. I’m sorry, but I’m not looking for a father! My friends said I’m way too picky. Well, I would rather be picky than being with a guy who doesn’t meet my standards and end up getting hurt. And I think my standards aren’t that high. I’ve been told many times that a) I’m too good to be true. or b) They’re intimidated by me. Uh…….good and single women still exist!

I’m a member of a group on Facebook where women who attracted to white men are on there sharing stories and chit chat. I saw one girl said she got a hundred messages a day, I wonder what type of photo is she using on her profile (no offense). Many men complain about Thai women using fake photos, lie or not being able to communicate in English. But when they found a profile that use real photo, honest decent women; they often ignored it (unless there is a boobs photo or half naked photo) or maybe they just don’t like my looks. Oh and by the way, some men never leave dating site. I still see some same men being on dating sites for so many years. Are they really not found their match or they’re just hooking up with random girls? Are you men think you’re a farang so Thai girls have to beg you to meet us? or Do you think you’re a “handsome” farang so you can get any girls you want? I can’t stand these type of men. And when you’re using a username with words like “cute” (or “narak” in Thai) or “handsome” (or “lor” in Thai), who gave you that permission? Because from the photos I saw, you’re neither cute or handsome! LOLOLOL

Okay, I’m not only gonna be bitching about how annoying farang men are. Some Thai girls are idiots also. Some girls fell in love way too easily, ended up sleeping with the guy too easy, or lies. Wake up, women! Sleeping with these men doesn’t make them yours or fall in love with you. If you don’t have the connection or he isn’t committed to you then don’t fuck him. Well, you can get your heart break any time if it’s the fate but at least learn to respect yourself.

This is getting way too long. Anyway, my point is dating sites isn’t working for me anymore. The reason I’m still on there is to spy on men to see what’s going on or maybe I caught someone cheating on their partners, who know. And looking at good looking men’s photos is not harmed anyone, right? HE HE HE

Until next time….

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Andie is a former English teacher, a tour leader, and an interpreter. She’s currently a Freelancer who is working as Digital Content Editor & EN-TH Interpreter. While pursuing her goals, she created this blog site to hone her English writing skills and to share some of her experiences with you and the rest of the viewers.

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