RIP Taylor Swift’s RED Tour In Bangkok

Earlier this year when we found out about Taylor Swift’s tour in Asia. My friend asked if I wanted to go. I’m not a big fan of her but I think she’s talented and I like her music so I said yes to my friend.

Back in March, on the day tickets will go on sale. I was up early on Saturday morning waiting in front of my computer staring at Thai Ticket Major site for a “Buy now” (or something like that) button. After I press F5 so many times, the Thai Swifties war started! I tried to load the page again and again for 20 minutes, but it kept crashing or keep loading without ending (There must have been thousands and thousands of people using the site). I decided to use my phone’s browser to go on the website, it worked! The first attempt was failed because the seats got taken. I tried again and this time, I got the tickets! It took only less than 10 minutes to buy it. About an hour after, I learned that the tickets got sold out after about 1 hours. It was amazing! I felt accomplished like I won the war! haha

Today, as you might heard. The concert has been canceled due to the political issue in Thailand. I was talking to my friend that this might happens and it does. Cornetto Thailand has a campaign for people to buy Cornetto and text the numbers to win the concert tickets or gift set. I feel bad for them because I saw some people said they were eating hundreds of them or even go through the trash to find the top paper part of Cornetto. Another 2 group of people that I feel bad for are people who bought tickets from people who up sale to price (from 3k to 6k, something like that) and people who’ll fly from another country which already book tickets and hotels. Yet, the people who already bought clothes or concert props.

Oh well…..RIP Taylor Swift’s RED Tour in Bangkok. People can refund the tickets from May 29th to June 30th at Thai Ticket Major counter.

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