Reasons why I won’t work for Thai Company

I was born and live in Bangkok all my life. Even though I’m a Thai person but I hate working in Thai companies. I was working for Thai companies twice in my life and I swear I’ll never set feet on it again and this is why…..

1. Holidays: You cannot take a long holiday more than 3 days. If you asked for 2 days + the weekend, your boss will look at you like you’re insane for leaving your responsibility for 2 days! 2 frickin’ days!!! I was like OMG! will I really get to rest with 1 or maybe 3 days off? I guess NOT!

2. Keep your mouth shut: Thai people are good at keeping their mouth shut when they should have said something to (maybe) make a situation better.

– Let’s say, Mr. AA made a mistake and you caught it. Instead of telling Mr. AA what he did wrong so he knows the problem, fix it, learn from it and hopefully won’t make the same mistake next time. BUT you decided not to tell Mr. AA and let’s talk to Ms. BB about that mistake (yay! gossip).

– And when we’re in a meeting, people don’t seem to have any questions but right after we got outside the meeting room? QUESTIONS ARE EVERYWHERE! WTF?!

3. Low position employees (always) wrong: If your boss or people who work in higher positions say you did something wrong, YOU’RE WRONG! If you think you didn’t do anything wrong? YOU’RE STILL WRONG! They’ve already judged you if they decided to give you verbal warning or paper warning. And if you’re working on a project and your boss decided to tell everyone it was his/her idea, there is nothing you can do about it (unless you’re lucky enough and the truth came out but usually it never happen).

4. The face: This is kind of similar with No. 2 that I mentioned. You found Mr. AA did something wrong and you decided to tell him, he will feel like he loses face! The “face” is very important that’s why most Thai people just keep their mouth shut most of the time.

5. This one related to No. 1: You have to give everything you can for the company. The company will not care if you don’t have a life outside the office. Working long hours will make people respect you because people see you’re working hard. Even better if you agree to work on weekends or bring work home! WHAT?!

Of course these things don’t apply to all Thai companies. These points are from my experiences and what I’ve heard from my friends.

If you have any other opinions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Shayan Naveed
    Posted at 03:21h, 22 July Reply

    How about big conglomerate Thai companies that hire like 10000+ employees but pay shit salaries, even to foreigners. I worked for a real estate company and I know the owners were filthy rich but paid really low wages. Also another company I worked for, my subordinates tattled on me to the owner instead of coming to me with their problems. They never raised concerns ever before!

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