Online shopping one more time.

People seem to be crazy about online shopping in the last few years. I still think seeing the real stuff I want to buy is the best way to make a decision. I don’t want to spend money on things that might disappoint me. A quote from my friend who’s crazy about online shopping is “It’s like you buy a lottery but in a bad way. If you received bad products, you won!” haha

Well, I actually bought a football shirt from Central Online shop a few years ago. It was my first time using the online shop and a huge disappointment. The site showed the wrong price and they were trying to cover it up without telling me the truth. It took me a few yelling phone calls, 3 weeks to get the shirt and an apology phone call from Central Marketing Director (or something like that) offered me 20% discount on my next order. Of course, I didn’t bother to order something else from them. BYE! Even a big company messed things up. How can I trust random shops, right?

I’m using SONY mobile and there aren’t many nice/cute mobile cases in the market compare to iPhones’. I was looking for online shops that will make cases the way I want and finally found one that looks trustful. I decided to order 2 mobile cases from them. I didn’t expect the quality to be so high but when I got it, I fell in love! My friend also ordered a few cases from this shop after she saw how great the quality of my cases are.

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If you would like to get one, check out IDucky Shop. It took approximately 3-4 days to get it delivered to my place.

Another online shop that I’ve been looking at their products is Zalora. I like some of their clothes and they always offer discounts for members. I finally got one of their blouses, it’s gorgeous and very comfortable to wear. Many of them are good for both relaxing days and working days. You just have to mix and match.


You can check out Zalora’s website for more blouses and other great products.

If you have your favorite online shops, please feel free to let me know in the comment box below. I would love to check it out. Happy shopping!


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