New Favorite: Park Bo-gum as an Artist

I was never really interested in Korean series or music. But earlier this year, I was watching the Korean series called Itaewon Class. Many of my friends were talking about it, and so as my favorite artists. In the last episode, Park Bo-gum made a surprise cameo as a chef, and I thought: who is this guy; he's so cute! I did some research, and of course, I have heard of Park Bo-gum's name, but I don't know much about him.

A few months later, Netflix has confirmed the premiere of Record of Youth, in which he's the main cast. I started watching Love in the Moonlight after watching the first two episodes of Record of Youth. I could say I got starstruck! I watched most of his previous series and also found out that he's also a good singer. I spent an evening listening to all of his songs on Spotify, and I love it all. I'm quite picky when it comes to the types of songs I'll listen to; I was surprised.

He sang in all Korean, Japanese, and English languages incredibly. Of course, I look up all the meaning of his Korean and Japanese songs. I also ordered some of his CDs from Japan; his first Japanese solo album called "blue bird" along with his beautiful ballad single called All My Love. 

My most favorite song from his Japanese album is "Dear My Friend": I love everything about it. It's just so good that I want to hug the people who were working on it: heartwarming music and lyrics. Guiding Star, Best Love Song, Come on & Join Us are my other top favorites.

Apart from his beautiful ballad called All My Love; he's also played piano in the song Bloomin' (which was his first Japanese single). And last year, he released a fun and cheerful Christmas single called Happy Merry Christmas.

I heard that he wants to be an artist and songwriter. I think he's doing a marvelous job so far. Hopefully, when he finished his enlistment: he will get a chance to do more. And I'm also looking forward to seeing more of his acting. Feel free to check out his songs on Spotify. And his new movie "Seobok" is coming out later this year!

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