New Favorite: Ekamai Dream 1 by Stamp

After being away from my website for a very long time, way too long. Something inspired me to start writing again. As music is a part of my daily life, I would like to spread the word about my favorite Thai singer-songwriter Stamp Apiwat. He just released a new album called "Ekamai Dream 1" with Toy's Factory, one of the biggest Japanese record label.

I fell in love with Stamp's song since around 2009. The song "Kwam Kid" really hit me hard and made me cry many times over the past many years. I have to say that he's a great songwriter. I love almost every song that he wrote, and his music style suits my ears. When he announced his big news, I am excited about his new journey in the music industry.

Stamp released two singles before his album "Ekamai Dream 1" released on August 7, 2019. Bangkok Summer - English Version was his Japan debut single. And Die Twice feat. HIROSHI from FIVE NEW OLD released as his second single. I love Bangkok Summer since the Thai version; I think it's a pretty sexy song. After I listened to it a few times, it gave the same feeling as when I was listening to the song Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth. As for DIE TWICE, it's the next level of Stamp's music! I love the chorus. Well, this is not the first time Stamp released English songs. His album STAMPSTH was his first English album. Feel free to check it out!

I like every track on the album but apart from the two singles; I fell in love with the two tracks: Jetlagger, and How To Live Without You. Jetlagger sounds very cool. I enjoy the rhythm. I felt that his English lyrics grow in a better way since the album STAMPSTH. The first time I listen to the song How to Live Without You, I had tears in my eyes since the first verse. It goes like this...

"I can hear our song now
Without fully breaking down

Looking through our photographs
Sometimes I can even laugh..."

I was like...ouch! LOL Everything in this song is perfect. Well, at least to me. haha I'm that person who likes the sound of string instruments. So the sound of violins does it for me. It is on Repeat One for the last three days. Even though this song made me cry, I can't stop listening to it. Ekamai Dream 1 is a three languages album: English, Japanese, and Thai. He did an amazing job of singing in Japanese, and the new versions of Thai songs are favorable. By the way, I'm obsessed with the Thai version of the song Million Views.

He's also touring in Japan this month, and September 2019. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the schedules. If you're in Thailand, feel free to go to see him at the events. He's such a great entertainer and funny.

Have you heard of Stamp Apiwat? If you like his song, feel free to let me know which song is your favorite. Check out Ekamai Dream 1 album on Spotify, and other music streaming platform. Or even better, buy his CD album!

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