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Yesterday after work I stopped by at Uniqlo shop in Siam Paragon and bought a new rain jacket after I’ve been using the old one for 6 years. This one looks cooler and probably will work better than the last one.

Yup, I got it in orange. I secretly loving this color so much in the last few years. I was thinking about getting the dark blue or black one but that’s just boring, right?

Anyway, when I was leaving Siam Paragon, it was raining so hard outside. I was hoping that it won’t be raining this hard near my place so I can take motorbike taxi home, but I was wrong. It was raining way too hard to take a motorbike as I can barely see the road and it would be freezing! So I decided to stay on SkyTrain station for a while and made a decision that I’ll go through it. The bike ride was freezing, but I got home safely.

I took this photo right after I got off the motorbike taxi. My face was wet and as usual if I wipe the water off my face very gentle, my makeup will still look okay like I didn’t go through the rain. And this is the reason why I want to write about which makeup products I’m using.

I’m quite new in writing about this type of stuff so I hope you will enjoy it. I won’t be talking about facial cream so I’ll start with base and foundation.


For makeup base, I use Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base 02 Violet by The Face Shop. When I started wearing makeup, I never use makeup base before and when I use it I feel like my makeup stick on my face longer than before and makeup base in purple color will make your face looks brighter. (I guess) hehe

The important part (for me) is the foundation. I’ve heard so many things about Revlon foundation how good it is even I got to try Mac, Nars, and other brand names’ foundation; I still end up loving REVLON® COLORSTAY™ MAKEUP FOR COMBINATION/OILY SKIN. Many people say it’s way too thick, but it covered things I want to hide, though. LOL

Of course, my skin isn’t perfect. Actually it’s quite bad. haha, So what I use next are concealer and eyes highlighter for my panda eyes. Another Revlon product I use is REVLON PHOTOREADY™ CONCEALER. I use this one to highlight my nose and also use it on my lips before I put on my lipstick. I just recently found a very good and cheap eyes highlighter, Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil. It’s not 100% get rid of my panda eyes and wrinkles under my eyes, but it works better than other stuff I tried.

For powder, I always use REVLON AGE DEFYING™ POWDER. I know I shouldn’t use this type of powder after I’ve been using full coverage foundation but I can’t help it!

Eyes makeup is also quite important for me. I cannot leave my place without putting on eyeliner which I’m using Maybelline HYPERGLOSSY EYELINER and fill my eyebrows with KATE Designing Eyebrow follow by Maybelline VOLUM’ EXPRESS TURBO BOOST MASCARA.

Then it’s time to put more color on my face! For my every day’s looks, I only put a peach color blush on my cheeks and then lipstick. Blush: IN2IT Waterproof Blush, I do this only once in the morning and it stayed until evening! If it’s a special occasion I will also use highlight and shading. For highlight here is another one from IN2IT Facial Highlight and shading with CATRICE Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder. And then you can put lipstick on! I’m obsessed with lipsticks so I’ll be writing another blog about it next time.

How long does it take you to do makeup? If I’m in a hurry, I can do all those above within 30 minutes max. I don’t know much about makeup, maybe what I’m doing is wrong but so far no one come up to me and said “you look weird.” haha Many of my friend always make fun of how my makeup still looks good from the morning to evening. Well, I guess I must be doing something right. Below are photos of me for example. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading.

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