My lipstick obsession

6-7 years ago I was working at a company of friend’s brother. The office was actually at their house so I got to meet her mom almost every day. My friend is around 5 years older than me. Her mom is the owner of beauty shops at their hometown so that made her know so many things about beauty topics. Not to mention my friend looks gorgeous like ALL THE TIME!

Back at that time I didn’t wear much makeup like this day so her mom was giving me tips about it. One thing she told me was “Even though you have no time to put on more powder or blush on your cheeks, at least put on lipstick. No one wants to see you look sick with the pale/dark lips.” I have quite a dark lips because of my allergy so that doesn’t look good. I had a few people asking me if I smoked! After that day, I was trying my best to at least put on more lipstick during the day.

Well, my obsession didn’t start until last year or a year before. Now it’s getting worse. I put on lipstick after every meal and even before I go out to eat. Thank God, I only use lip balm during the day because my lips would get dry sitting in AC room in the office. I ended up carrying way too many lipsticks in my bag!

DSC_0081The other day, my close friend (a French guy) asked me why do I have to carry so many lipsticks. Well, it depends on my mood which color I would like to put next. I ended up mixing the color together sometimes. And most of the time my friends/co-workers said they love my lips color! Uh….yes, that made me feel good. hahaha

Most of the lipstick I use are from Revlon. In the photo above 4 of them are Revlon, the lipgloss and lip balm are from Maybelline. And of course, I still want more. hehe, I promised myself that this year I’ll be counting how many lipsticks I’ve been using the whole year. Stay tuned!

P.S. Sorry if the language on this blog is a bit off. I’m in a hurry as I’m sitting in a cold coffee shop and I seriously need to pee so bad. LOLOLOL

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