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About 10 years ago, I started watching a TV series called "Ugly Betty". It inspired me in so many ways. One of the things is working in the magazine industry. It motivated me to start writing blogs and practice many skills. I don't really read a magazine, the only magazine I read is Cosmopolitan Thailand. Unfortunately, they're closed. I'm reading the US edition instead. And I've always wondered what It'd be like to work at Cosmopolitan. I started following many people who work for Hearst Magazines on Twitter and I heard about this reality television series "So Cosmo" and my heart beats fast!

I don't know much about fashion and beauty. I don't get it sometimes. Maybe I need someone to educate me more. LOL I don't earn a lot of money to buy brand names also. I'm perfectly happy using things I can afford. What's the point of being in debt just because I want to use the expensive stuff? Plus, I don't think I have the look of "oh my gosh! She's definitely using brand names." anyway. Why waste the money, right?! HA HA But it would be a great opportunity to be working for Hearst Magazines.

After watching the first episode of So Cosmo last night. I fell in love with the environment of the office. Of course, it can be intense but it's also fun and challenging. I don't like a boring routine job. Also, I'm not sure if I can handle the pressure but I'm willing to give it a try if I get a chance. I believe that if I like what I'm doing I'll try to do it my best and I will success. The Cosmo Reader Night sounds fun, too! Oh, I saw my relationship coach, Matthew Hussey on the show. (OMG!) I didn't expect to see him. Joanna Coles is officially my idol in career path. And Leah Wyar looks fabulous! The image on the left was my reaction on Twitter after I watched the first episode. Joanna liked my tweet and So Cosmo! retweeted my tweet! (Gosh, I'm such a fangirl!) My favorite moment was the Fire Island scene where Leah, Steven, and James were discussing Leah's clothes.

The series premiere on February 8, 2017, on the E! cable network. If you're into fashion, love Cosmopolitan magazine or wanted to work in this industry, I think you should see it. It's so fierce, gorgeous and inspiring! You can watch the first episode on YouTube below. It was so great that I have to watch it twice. Have fun and let me know what you think!

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