I’m 29 and you know it!

Haven’t had time to do anything else except work, eat and sleep….repeat. I’ve been so busy with work since the end of July up until last week, I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote a blog on here. I’m taking a week off from work this week to relax and try to get some personal stuff done which didn’t really go well. hehe

Anyway, I turned 29 years old 2 weeks ago. I didn’t have a big party but had lunch and dinner with some of my close friends. To celebrate a new year of my life, I quitted my job at the beginning of this month. I’m bored of coming to the office every day and I wanted to pursue my dream careers and go back to University. I managed to get 2 freelance jobs, one I’ve been working on for the last 2 months and another one will start in September. University won’t start until November so I have a few months to get ready to settle down with my new life schedule.

And to celebrate my birthday I bought myself a new phone, nothing fancy, though. I realised how much I love Windows Phone platform so why not get back to it. (I’ll be writing another blog about it soon, promise!). Also decided to use a smaller bag so my shoulders and back can rest a little bit. I’m getting old so I should be careful with my health, right? I got this nice bag from Zalora which I really like.


It’s not too big or too small, what I really like is that my raincoat can fit in it so I don’t have to carry another small bag! The price isn’t expensive at all, the quality is quite good….better than I expected. You can check out the rest of the collections on http://en.zalora.co.th/women/ or http://en.zalora.co.th/women/bag/handbags/ and feel free to let me know if you found something you like!

Here are some photos from my birthday brunch with close friends and my best friend’s cats! Enjoy!

DSCF9674 DSCF9678
DSCF9680 DSCF9683

DSCF9710 DSCF9725


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