How much is too much? 

I considered myself as a not fashionable person. All my clothes are cheap. Most of the time my clothes, shoes and bag aren’t match but I don’t care. As long as I feel comfortable, I will wear whatever suits my activities on the day.

A few weeks ago I went to Uniqlo in EmQuartier with my friend and saw a gorgeous and cool looking (well, at least for me) Women Blocktech Parka. For a second, I thought I found a perfect new jacket. The one I’m using is quite old, I’ve been using it for 6 years maybe. I took a closer look at the Parka jacket. And for another 10 seconds, I seriously know that I’ve found THE ONE! Then, I look at the price. . . . . .


It is 2,490 baht. I looked at my friend and said. . . . .well, it’s not gorgeous anymore. Hahaha My friend agreed with me. I can’t pay almost 2,500 baht for a jacket. I can afford it but I won’t pay this much for clothes. Any pants, tops or shoes that cost more than 400 baht is too much for me. Okay, sometimes I’d pay more if it’s something really nice and for special occasions. If this jacket is around 1,000 baht, I might buy it but that won’t happen. Not sure if I ever mentioned in my other blogs that I’m a gadgets freak. I’d definitely pay 2,500 baht for gadgets if I really want it. No doubt.

Sometimes I dress poorly (but proper) going to the mall, I feel comfortable so why not. Some Thais/sales person like to judge customer on what they are wearing. I really don’t like this attitude but I can’t stop people from thinking/judging. To be honest, I judge people sometimes. It’s what we do. But I always keep it to myself as what I think is not always right.

I’m wondering if any women think like me about clothing and gadgets. Let me know if you are one like me. 😉

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