Hi, YouTube Premium. Goodbye, Spotify Premium

Today, I would like to share a quick note about something I just found out the other day. It's so random, but I felt like I want to write about it. Maybe one day, I will look back and still laugh at myself. I only use Spotify Premium to stream music which I just decided to cancel.

After five months of using YouTube Premium for free (thanks to AIS), I just discovered that the OST of Love in the Moonlight is on YouTube Music! I've been looking for it since I watched it in September 2020. It wasn't on Spotify and only available on Apple Music Korea and apps like Melon/Genie. I recently watched Lovestruck in the City, and the OST wasn't on Spotify also.

I was ready to pay for apps like Melon/Genie. Then I thought I would try looking on YouTube Music since I'm using YouTube Premium anyway. And I found both albums! That's just enough reason for me to cancel Spotify Premium immediately. I have been using it since Spotify came to Thailand a few years ago. SORRY!

Screenshot of YouTube Music on iPad.

I'm quite picky when it comes to the songs that I like to listen to, and I have no intention of finding new music. I'm the one who doesn't listen to random playlists; I only listen to the playlist that I made. If I happened to hear a new song: I will add it to my playlist.

Are you using a music streaming service? Which one are you using? Feel free to leave a comment!

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