Finally made it to SEO class

I’ve heard of SEO a few years ago and as a geek I want to know more. I end up bought a Thai book about it but after reading the first chapter, it doesn’t really sense to me so I stopped. I don’t really read Thai book thought. Almost all of the books I read are in English. I don’t know if the book was bad or just me that can’t understand it.

A few months ago I joined Facebook group called “Bangkok Bloggers” created by Carl Heaton who runs Web Courses Bangkok. I was looking at the site and found many interesting courses that I would like to attend such as Photography, and Graphic Design courses. When he said he has some spots left for SEO Essentials for Business course, I decided to take it.

There were 4 classes in 1 course (12 hours), 3 hours per class. I still can’t decide which time was the hardest to handle between Wednesday evening or Saturday morning. For Wednesday, I’ve been working all day, rushed to the class and study for another 3 hours while, for Saturday, the class starts at 10 am…..I’m totally not a morning person. hahaha, I also have to apologize to my classmates that sometimes I was not in a mood to talk/socialize especially in the morning.

The instructor, Gemma was very nice. She knows what she was doing. My classmates are all very nice, lucky me! hehe, I’ve learned quite many new things in the class. Finally, understand what SEO is. I’ve had Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts for maybe 2 years and never use it, now I know how! Learning about link building was also a good thing to know and so as how to get our website index on Google and Bing. I think this class was a bit hard for people who knows nothing about online marketing or don’t create their own website. But you don’t have to worry though as the instructor was trying her best to help if you don’t understand anything. Lucky that I know a little bit of both.

I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to learn more about SEO for business. I’m sure their other classes will be as good as this one so I’m looking forward to going back and learn more.

Until next time….

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  • Shayan Naveed
    Posted at 14:04h, 07 October Reply

    You’re site went through a revamp. It’s looking nice!

  • Nicolas
    Posted at 17:41h, 22 September Reply

    Nice post and yes SEO is quite important for many kind of business !

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