“Fifty Shades of Grey” in my opinion

50-Shades-of-Grey-2Okay, I admitted it I saw Fifty Shades of Grey twice. I didn’t read the book so I can’t compare the movie to it. I see many people making a big deal out of the erotic part of the movies but for me, the movie showed more than that.

Christian Grey is smart, thoughtful and sexy. And by sexy, I don’t mean when we see him naked or half naked in the movie. It’s the way he looks at Anastasia showing that he wants her. It is sexy when a guy said he never did this and that with any other girls before and the girl he’s with is changing him to be a better person. If Christian is just a normal guy and not rich, I will definitely like him anyway.

I see some comments about why Anastasia looks like she’s horny all the time. You have to understand if you’re falling for someone or you want the guy, you should show him that because it turns him on knowing he can turn you on. (Am I right on this guy? hehe) I also think a virgin/super innocent girl won’t understand the erotic part so much. Some parts of the movie are quite funny. To me, I just don’t understand why would a guy want to hurt the girl he likes/loves. How is it enjoyable? Okay, spanking; handcuff and blindfold are acceptable but hitting with a belt and other things? Way too much! I also like the part where Anastasia was teasing Christian because that’s one of the fun parts in a relationship.

Ignoring the dark side of Christian who enjoys BDSM type of sex, I see Fifty Shades of Grey is somehow romantic and a bit hilarious. It is also a sexy movie. I enjoyed it, maybe because I’m a sucker for chick flick movies. After all, the movie was made from an erotic romantic novel. lol

BTW, they picked a really great set of songs for the soundtrack.

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