Dating nightmare stories

It’s Halloween! After two long posts in the last two weeks, I’ll keep it short for this one. Since it’s a special day today, I’ll share two dating experiences that end up being nightmares.

A 20 something me agree to meet a Scottish guy somewhere on Sukhumvit road. I told him that I was hungry, but he wasn’t. So we ended up having a drink in a bar. I don’t drink alcohol at all, but I’m okay with hanging out in a bar. My stomach was empty so drinking coke probably wasn’t a good idea. I ordered a bottle of water, and he ordered a beer. We barely say anything to each other. When I tried to start a conversation I only get a one-word answer or one sentence then he went quiet. What an awkward situation. After almost 2 hours I told him that I had to leave. I need to eat because my stomach starts to get hurt. After this date, I refused to go out with Scottish guys for years. LOL

I met this American guy 6 years ago in a coffee shop. I agreed to meet him before I get to the office. When I arrived, I saw him wearing one of those ugly red bull tank top, shorts, and flip flops. I wanted to run immediately! He failed the first impression test big time! Well, I didn’t run away. I bought myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat down opposite him. This guy was talkative. He kept bragging that he’s rich which was the worst part of this date. He talked about his Louis Vuitton bag, and an expensive watch he’s wearing. He even mentioned his ex-girlfriend and other Thai women wanted to steal his brand names stuff for sale when they broke up! I’m that type of woman who doesn’t care about brand names. Well, the only luxury I want is Tiffany & Co. I only spent 30 minutes with him and told him that I had to go to work.

I admit that I wasn’t good at dating when I was younger. I even don’t feel comfortable eating in front of men. I get better when I have more experiences. These are my worst two dating experiences. Oh, there was one time I had to pay for a guy’s meal at McDonald’s because he didn’t have much money, but he wanted to see me. I was very naive. Do you have bad dating experiences? You might have a good laugh thinking about it.

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