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Earlier this year I wrote about the docuseries So Cosmo. I was so excited about it because I love reading Cosmopolitan magazine (Thai version). I'm not sure if they will continue So Cosmo on E! but I found a perfect replacement if they don't. It's the new series The Bold Type.

The Bold Type inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles. She is my career role model since the last few years. I would love to work for Hearst Communications. The series centered around three young women; Jane, Sutton, and Kat who are best friends working for Scarlet, a global women's magazine. And in real life, it should be Cosmopolitan. My mom was never into fashion or makeup. I found Cosmopolitan on the magazine stand because I grow up reading music magazine about my favorite bands from the other side of the world. Quoting Jane from the series, she said reading Scarlet is like having a big sister she never has (as her mom passed away when she was little). And she's right! I feel the same way. I finished season 1 last night and it was brilliant! So smart, powerful, inspiring and sexy! I can't stop myself from laughing out loud or screaming while watching it.

I could see myself in the three main characters. When Jane wrote an article about never had an orgasm. At first she didn't want to publish it in her name but finally she was strong enough to take a risk and show people she has the power to overcome what people will think of her. I would like to be as bold as her. There are many times I want to write about sex, I'm sure it will help some women as sex is not a topic we openly talk about here in Thailand. Kat dealing with the Internet​/Twitter troll. I did the same thing as Kat when I was younger. I didn't mean to engaged with the trolls, I just want to defend myself. It turned out, they get what they wanted. And I felt awful reading their bad messages. Finally I learned my lesson and get better at using social media. I deleted over 600 followers off my Twitter account. I don't need bad energy in my life. I just use Twitter for ranting nonsense stuff so, people don't need to read it. I felt like writing it out makes me feel better than keeping things inside. And I like Sutton's ambition to pursue her dream career even though she has no experiences or related education degree.

Okay, I have to write about the sex and relationship about Sutton and Richard. Sutton is an assistant and Richard is a member of the Scarlet board of directors and a lawyer for the magazine's publishing group. The series didn't really say how their relationship started, all we know is that it's totally forbidden. If people know about it, they could get into serious trouble. And since the first episode, I was screaming when I see them together. Richard is the perfect boyfriend. He's smart, supportive, handsome, and caring. And I have to admit that almost every time they are being sneaky in the office, it's just so hot....such a turn on! haha It's exciting, I guess. Well, in the end.....Sutton thinks she couldn't go through with it. She doesn't want to be anyone's secret girlfriend. I hope they can be open about their relationship soon! #TeamSuttard!

I also like Jane's love interest, Ryan a writer at Pinstripe magazine. They're working in the same building. One day Jane decided to do something bold. She walked to Ryan and kissed him then ran away! She was trying not to get emotional with her "friends with benefit" situation with Ryan until she realized, she wants something that is real; not just a hook up from time to time. Kat came out as lesbian, falling for an artist who did feature story with the magazine.

I'm happy to see that these women accepted themselves for who they are and they are not afraid to take risks/fight for what they want. Jacqueline, editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine is one awesome boss. She knows how to get the best out of people. She's tough but also very kind. I love this kind of TV. shows. My life changed so much since I watched Ugly Betty and GLEE. Most of my friends think these series are a waste of time. But I can always find inspiration or something that will push me to try harder, be better, and be bold! I've come so far in life. I started from zero, and I'm so grateful for anyone who gave me opportunities to work without having Bachelor's degree. I'm very fortunate to live the live I do. And I won't stop chasing my dreams.

About 2 weeks ago, Freeform renewed The Bold Type for another two seasons! I hope they can keep it going for a long time. All the problems each characters faced can be related to anyone's life. I can't wait to see what will happen next!

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