After the movie: The Greatest Showman

For inspiration this year, I chose "The Greatest Showman" it's a great way to kick off the new year. Things around us can easily take our attention away. It's good to have something that reminds us to stay true to ourselves and be brave, strong, and kind. Hugh Jackman's character, P. T. Barnum, says, "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." This is an inspiring saying because it affirms something I deeply believe: being unique is a strength. On Christmas day, I saw this film for the very first time. I have seen it twice so far and plan on seeing it several more times before it is taken out of theaters permanently.

I first heard the song "This Is Me" in the trailer around June 2017 and fell in love with it. I suffered for several months because I couldn't wait to listen to the song. Honestly, when I first read the title of this film, I mistook it for "The Greatest Snowman," which made me think of Olaf from "Frozen," as he is, after all, the best snowman. Here is the preview that I saw in June.

After months of obsessive anticipation, I finally saw this film. On December 8, the soundtrack album was released by Atlantic Records. I listened to every single song and immediately fell in love with them. I felt like crying when listening to "Never Enough." After several weeks of repeat listens on Spotify, I finally got around to watching the film on Christmas Day. Although its official release date was December 28, Major Cineplex screened advance movie previews from December 25 through December 27 at 8 p.m. each night. Here's what I said about the movie on Twitter before and after I saw it.

For some reason, La La Land by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul is the only musical I've ever disliked. I'm sorry for that, but they did an incredible job on "The Greatest Showman." I rarely enjoy every track on an album. I love having a visual representation of the music I've been listening to for the past several weeks. Hugh Jackman is undoubtedly a great actor, and praise for Zac Efron and Zendaya's "Rewrite the Stars" performance. Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams danced on the roof to "A Million Dreams." it was beautiful. Honestly, I thought Rebecca Ferguson was singing when she performed "Never Enough." Keala Settle, who sang the powerful song "This Is Me," was excellent; the song lit a fire in my heart to celebrate my identity and reminded me to stay true to myself. Oh, and the movie's opening scene was really grand! Once again, Mr. Hugh Jackman, you have my respect. Even though I'm a sucker for a musical, that's not the only reason I love this movie. The movie had flawless music, lyrics, scenes, costumes, choreography, and a great cast and crew. All the songs were so beautifully written that I was wiping away my tears throughout them. It's very inspiring and motivating, and I really appreciate that.

I can relate to almost every song I'll write about next time. If you enjoy musical films, you will enjoy this one. It's a great musical movie and the best movie of 2017 for me. See it while you still have the chance. And if you have, I'd like to know your thoughts.

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