After the Movie: Spotlight

WOW! Many exciting movies are coming out, and I can't keep up. I'm trying my best to see as many in the cinema as I can. It's a way to entertain myself, and I enjoy experiencing the big screen. The first time I saw Spotlight's trailer, I didn't want to see it. After seeing the second, third, and fourth times I changed my mind. I went to see the movie, and I liked it!

It's such a powerful movie. You will see the power of journalism, the example of great reporters. I wish Thai journalists are working like that. Well, only in my dreams! We're all have been hurt by not knowing the truth. These bad things still keep going, and no one can get rid of them because influential people are behind them and try to cover them up. As a former Christian, the movie also hit me right in my face about faith in religion. I spent eight years in a church with a pastor who slept with members of the church. He's married but still sleeping around! After the truth had come out, I'm not sure if I made the right decision to get involved with the church. The person who I admire, who taught me many things and who we should respect most, is the one who's lying for years! It made me feel like everything I thought I believed in was a lie. The situation opened my eyes in many ways. I realized that the church is a place for mad people (of course, I am one of them. LOL). Or maybe it's just this church? I don't hate the church, but I don't like some people there. I don't like it when people pretend to be super holy, but they're just an idiot!

There was one scene when Mike Rezendes went to talk to Sacha Pfeiffer at her house. It hits me hard. The things he said were like how I felt the first few years I stopped going to church. I'm not religious anymore, but I still believe in God. If it were not for him, I wouldn't be who I am today. Be careful of who you admire. They might have something awful hidden!

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