After the movie: Barcelona Christmas Night

Hello, 2016! Happy New Year!!! 2015 went pretty quick; it was such a fun year, and I hope I’ll keep 2016 as fun as last year or maybe make it better! Well, the 1st of January you get to do the first of many things of the new year. This year, I’ll try to write about every movie I see in the cinema on here. Last year I saw 47 movies in the cinema, and there are 6-8 films I saw twice. Well yesterday, I saw the first movie of 2016 “Barcelona Christmas Night.”  And here is the trailer.

Weeks ago I was reading #MovieTwit on Twitter, and a few people were talking about this movie. And last week I saw the trailer of “Barcelona Christmas Night” in cinema. It does give a feeling of “Love Actually” which I like because I’m a woman, and I’m a sucker for romantic comedy movies. (I guess you’re not surprised!) Okay, it’s a Spanish movie and of course, they were speaking in Spanish/Catalan. When I see English films/TV. Series I don’t watch it with subtitles or if there is one I don’t read it. I already had a hard time reading subtitles on the trailer and the first 10 minutes I can’t keep up with the subtitles. I was trying to read it in Thai…nope can’t read fast enough. I was attempting to read the English subtitles…..nope, still not fast enough. Finally, I decided to read in Thai. They were speaking so quickly! I guess I understand people who can’t understand English and have to read Thai subtitles. LOL The movie was beautiful. It wasn’t too much of a romantic comedy super sweet. The movie comes with some powerful quotes and meaning that I like. One thing that hit me hard was “Trying to forget someone is the best way to remember them.”. It is something I’ve been dealing with for almost four years. Why can’t I forget someone that I never even go out on a date with! And sometimes, we’re still on someone’s side even though we think this person is crazy, don’t agree with their ideas or don’t understand why they do things….that’s love.  We decided to be on their side when they’re in trouble.

When I got out of the cinema, I felt like I miss hugging and kissing someone. It happens because I still have feelings. (Thank God!) Being single for so long can make me forget how to be on a date or to love a guy. LOL Have you seen this movie? Let me know what you think! If you haven’t seen it, let’s get your heart warm. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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