Andie is an independent woman. She loves freedom as it’s the way her parent raise her. It took her seven years to realize what her passion and dream career are. Starting to reach her goals, she created this blog site to practice English writing skill and to share some of her stories. She is a former English Teacher, Tour Leader, Interpreter (English to Thai & Thai to English) and write articles for website. And now working on online projects as a freelancer.

Customer Service0%
Localization Project Management and Event Management0%
Interpreter (English to Thai, Thai to English)0%
Website Moderator & Online Marketing0%

About Andie


Writer / Digital Content Editor

INTEREST: Traveling, Photography, Writing, Music, Movies, Live music, Reading, Hang out, Technology, History, Watching sports on TV (English Premiere League, F1, NFL & ATP Tennis), Video games and obsessed about Musical.

DISLIKE: Shopping, Fashion, Gossip, Lie, Annoying/nosy people, people who are not standing on one side on escalator and people who walk very slow in front of me.

FAN OF: Westlife, a1, GLEE, Simple Plan, Steps, Michael Bublé, The Corrs, Arsenal, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and especially ❤ Mark Daniel Read, Shane Steven Filan & Ryan Rodney Reynolds.


Freelance Project Manager

Responsible for supervising all phases of assigned translation projects (typically into multiple languages), including analyzing and estimating the project, scheduling translators, managing and tracking the production schedule, managing translation quality, delivery and billing. Also interfaces with the client and coordinates efforts with the linguists and desktop-publishing staff, always with the goal of complete customer satisfaction in mind.

Website Moderator

Review and moderate all user content and user profiles within comments, images, videos and communications. Moderate and decide whether to remove member reported by visitors as potentially offensive/inappropriate.

Writer / Digital Content Editor

Writing articles for several websites.

Online Marketing

Social media marketing, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay per click (PPC) campaigns, Mobile & Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc.

*Available soon as*

Web Application/Content Developer and Digital Designer/Graphic Designer.